What To Do When The Season’s Over

The Active Season for any Venus Fly Trap Cultivar is between May to October (Although there is often some growth several weeks outside of this bracket). During this period they will grow and should be kept constantly damp.

During the winter Venus Fly Traps enter a period of dormancy for roughly three months. In this period most of the plants leaves will blacken and die, this is normal. These dead leaves should really be removed to stop mould and disease from attacking the plant.

The entire plant should be kept in a cold environment with a temperature range of 8 – 10 ° C (45 – 50 F). This period of dormancy is necessary for it’s growth, and although the plant may look like it could feed, do not allow it to. It is the temperature drop which is the most important factor in doramncy, so ensure that the new storage environment is sufficiently cold enough. The soil should be kept slightly damp, however the pot should not be left to stand in excess water.

The plant can happily be returned to it’s original habitat in the spring when new growth will start. Plants which have had a good successful dormancy will flower in April/May.

Dormancy is very important in the creation of a large strong plant. Often plants will be at there biggest after 2 or 3 years with a dormancy break between each.