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Whether you have recently bought seeds, a division or want to know where to get them, we will give you the very best advice to get the most from your hobby. We will show you exactly how to look after a Venus Flytrap.

The Venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula) Is an amazing species of carnivorous plant. It originates from the North – South Carolina border in North America. This area is very marshy and humid, bringing lots of insects to the landscape. This is perfect for this species of carnivorous plant as they love insects.

Venus Flytraps (also spelled Venus Fly Traps) are a fantastic introduction to carnivorous plant growing, or horticulture in general. The traps provide an exciting result for the effort put into making sure your plant has everything it needs.

In the U.K. Venus Flytraps grow happily on a South facing windowsill or greenhouse and will flourish from March through to September. During this time the plant will grow between four to seven leaves (with traps) each of which capable of catching small flying insects. Keep your room or conservatory fly free this summer with a fantastic Venus Flytrap.

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